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Why Portal Axle  ?

Why should I go with portal axle set up versus traditional suspension lift ?
For the same price as a traditional 4.5” lift kit, plus the cost of ring & pinion re-gearing, Zhang’s Portal Drive axle conversion kit offers a superior solution with more features.
The following are 4 main advantages of the portal conversion kit:


1. Superior Lift Kit

With 4.5” of axle lift, Zhang’s portal axle kit provides vehicles with unmatched ground clearance while maintaining the geometry of your stock control arms.


2. Wider Track Width

Adding 3.7” of track width per side (on top of the existing axle setup), maximizing wheel travel during articulation, and cornering stability while maintaining a reasonable scrub radius.


3. Gear Ratio Reduction

Zhang’s Portal Drive kit comes with a built-in gear reduction rate of 17%, which allows a Jeep JK to run up to 37” tires without the need to modify its stock ring & pinion setup.


4. Integrated CTI System

Central tire inflation system(CTIS) enables tire pressure adjustment without the need of stopping the vehicle. All it takes is just a simple flip of a button.

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A whole new way of lifting your truck

We consider the portal axle to be the ultimate upgrade for off-road purposed modification and, while the idea behind the portal axle is very simple, the development is quite challenging, with difficulties ranging from varied stock component geometry, drive train load and structure load combinations due to vehicle weight to complex off-road loading scenarios.

Reliable For Daily Driving

To prove the reliability of our design, our portal kit equipped testing vehicle has been driven over 20,000 miles in daily commute scenarios from grocery shopping and weekend camping trips to hunting trips and interstate travel. Portal axles are now not just for rock crawling buggies anymore!


Best Scrub Radius

Working with stock steering geometry is no fun but we managed. And then some. With super narrow case design, we’re able to minimize the scrub radius, which results in less steering resistance and better handling characteristics.

With 0 offset wheel, scrub radius are 

4.48 inches on 35" tires

4.27 inches on 37" tires 

3.95 inches on 40" tires

Scrub radius can be further reduced by running wheels with positive offset value.

Truly Trail Rated

It isn’t a “portal” if it hasn’t been put through the toughest scenarios. We’ve done that with thorough testing on the most rugged trails.

(See photo from Chocolate Thunder at Johnson Valley).


We Enjoy What We Do

Being the end users of our own products on a daily basis means we know our products from both the engineer’s perspective and the consumer’s perspective. If we complain about it on the trail, our customers will too. If we don’t like driving it on the street, our customers won’t like it either. Our relentless pursuit of perfection at Zhang’s Portal Drive is never ending because, at the end of the day, we just plain love what we do.

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About Zhang's Portal Drive

ZHANG'S PORTALDRIVE LLC was founded by Zhang Qianfan in 2019 in Gilbert, Arizona.

Zhang started this portal axle conversion project on his own Jeep JK as an ultimate solution for vehicle lift. After Zhang graduated from Arizona State University as a manufacturing engineer, Zhang saw a market vacancy for portal axle aftermarket application for Jeep wranglers in states, and decided to pursue this opportunity.

Zhang has decided to move back and live in China, all of our product will be made in China from now on. - 2022.05.25

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